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    From our farms every Monday & Tuesday
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    To your doorstep Wednesday or Thursday

At The Carolina Market, we deliver the freshest, most delicious local farm fresh foods directly to your door each week. With ease and convenience, create a cart overflowing with produce and proteins, seafood and sauces, dairy, prepared foods and more. We are the direct source from the farmers and providers, bringing you the highest quality products available in North Carolina. We stand by our “NO-NO-NO” guarantee. No hormones, no antibiotics and no GMO’s, ever! The Carolina Market stocks your fridge, freezer and pantry with farm fresh groceries that will have you looking no further!



Each week, shop the menu for exciting local products from the soil to the sky, and the sea to the pasture. Click to check out, and it’s on the way! Use our convenient “Auto Order” feature to ensure you get your favorite products each week.


Every Monday and Tuesday, after all orders are placed, we set out to gather all of the items from our North Carolina farmers, purveyors and artisans. We are the direct source to you for North Carolina products.


Every Wednesday and Thursday, we deliver direct to you based on your location. A professional TCM employee delivers your food in sealed coolers, packaged to sustain the elements for up to 24 hours. Our proprietary packaging ensures that every item arrives with the proper attention to safety, temperature and quality. We'll pick up last week's empty coolers when delivering the new ones.


Most everyone spends more than $30 per week on groceries. Why not get them delivered directly to your door with with NO shipping costs?

When you sign up for TCM’s MarketPLUS program, you receive benefits reserved for our most loyal customers. MarketPLUS customers receive free shipping on every delivery, plus exclusive access to specials and extras along the way.

How It Works:

  • • MarketPLUS is a membership program. Our minimum charge is $30 per week. This is a recurring charge that credits your personal account. If you spend beyond your balance, your card is simply charged the difference at check-out.
  • • Membership can be canceled at anytime. Points can only be redeemed for products

Auto Order

We know you have a busy life, and sometimes it gets in the way of shopping the menu each week. To help out, we've created the Auto Order cart! This feature allows you to create a cart of your favorite products that ship to you automatically each week. You can add and remove items or adjust quantities in your Auto Order cart at any time, however to ensure you get your order on the next delivery cycle, make adjustments before Thursdays at midnight. We will process each Auto Order on Fridays.

How does this work with your weekly TCM shopping? Glad you asked. Your Auto Order is already processed, so go ahead, shop the menu and click to check out.

Here’s How It Works:

  • To create your auto order, simply click on an item, then click on the auto order “cart” icon or link.
  • That product is automatically added to your Auto Order cart.
  • In order to ensure the following week delivery, Auto Orders must be set up between Monday and Thursday at midnight.
  • To add multiple quantities of an item, click the icon as many times.
  • You can adjust your auto order at any time by clicking on My TCM, then Auto Orders on the left menu.
  • To turn off Auto Order, go to My TCM, and select disable.